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Don't Worry, I've Been there.

I understand how you're feeling right now.


As one of the owners of Honey Bees Daycare, I, Hanan, am one of the hearts behind our establishment. Just like you, I once felt the nerves of leaving my child in someone else's care.


I get it – I've been there.

So I decided to create a warm place where every child is loved and every parent feels at ease. 

Bees at Work

Our Vision and Values

Why We're Here

At Honeybees Nursery, in Birmingham - Small heath, we believe in providing a warm, welcoming environment where every child feels safe, valued, and respected. We understand the challenges of separation anxiety and strive to build trust with parents through open communication and personalized care. Our mission is to support your child's learning and development while offering accessible and affordable childcare for all families.

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